Castle Lite; First Step

Fortis Oeconomia
1 min readDec 15, 2022

Castle Lite’s doors are now open. But before we enter, we would like to make a small reminder. As you know, the main Castle was about greed. Our current concept is FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt).

So prepare yourself for that frightening darkness of the unknown as you walk in. (Beware of the DOG!)

There are 4 main modules in Castle Lite:

  • Pyromaniac Dog Module
  • Dog Shelter
  • Ash House
  • Lite Dex

1- Pyromaniac Dog Module

You can think of the Pyromaniac Dog Module as a combination of the Burn module and the Grand module in the main castle. You can convert DOG to bDOG and bDOG to gDOG in this module.

2- Dog Shelter

Dog Shelter has the same feature as gFOT staking in the main castle. You can stake your gDOG and adopt more DOGs.

3- Ash House

The easiest way to balance the entire universe goes through fire. After it burns everything is equalized, nothing remains but the harmony of ashes and serenity of one.

4- Lite Dex

Lite Dex, as the name suggests, is a cute version of the castle dex.

We would like to remind you once again of those words uttered at the opening of each new castle. ‘’PLEASE DO NOT APE IN’’