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Fortis Oeconomia
2 min readApr 17, 2022


Fortis Oeconomia was designed from the very beginning as a ‘’DAC‘’ (Decentralized Autonomous Castle). From this moment on, the path for Fortis will be drawn entirely by the users.

The Fortis Oeconomia DAO is powered by DAO-DAO.

As a general rule, please do not submit low-quality or spam proposals. Everyone wants every token to go to the moon. The governance portal is not the place to express this. If you are going to suggest something related to token economics such as a token burn or a new staking program you should provide a solid argument. Again, please avoid low-effort proposals.

Please use a concise but descriptive title or question to describe your proposal. Good examples include: ‘’Changes in Stable Swap Pool rewards’’ or ‘’Dungeon reward distribution reduction’.
Bad examples include: “Send bFOT to the Moon NOW!!!” (Low effort spam)

We don’t have strict guidelines on whether or not the title must be in the form of the question or whether or not you should attempt to categorize the post further using brackets. Clear communication is our only request.

Proposal (Body):
A good proposal has enough specifics to outline the most important details of the proposal, a strong motivation, and the necessary background information required to make an informed vote.

A bad proposal is too short, lacks specifics, and just a general desire or wish instead of a plan or actual proposal. Something like this is a bad proposal:

“I propose that Fortis conducts more activities to send the price of bFOT higher.
Other tokens have increased in price and bFOT should do the same. The team needs to work harder.”

Whenever you want to submit a proposal to the governance portal, you should also get the discussion started on Discord. Please go to the #governance channel and briefly describe your proposal.

*Team will fund the first 3 proposals if discussion is reached by majority of concensus.




Fortis Oeconomia

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