Fortis Dungeon: The Story Begins

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4 min readApr 7, 2022


Level 1
Brave residents discover a secret door deep within Fortis Castle. This is the gate to the great Fortis Dungeon. It is time to open these doors. The first dungeon floor is barren and empty. But this emptiness is the calm before the storm.

Level 2
On the second floor, our castle adventurers find the Fortis Watchmen — those who adhere to the ancient traditions of Fortis. The Fortis Watchmen try to push the explorers away, but it is an easy test. Our adventure continues towards the third floor.

Level 3
The adventurers encounter a blood-curdlingly cold room on the third floor. In the depths of this endless space, Imrelimon The Warden awaits. He had imprisoned the souls of enemies who attacked Fortis Castle in the past. Our heroes win a difficult battle against him now. After Imrelimon’s surrender, the adventurers convince him to release the souls he had imprisoned. Then they continue with him to the depths of the dungeon.

Level 4
On the 4th dungeon floor, our adventurers begin to hear voices that they cannot make sense of. Sounds are echoing, but they cannot see the source of the sound on this floor. Instead of the source of the voices, they find the Fortis Reapers waiting with their giant axes in their hands. Only their bones and burning blue eyes are visible. With the spirit of each animal they kill, Reapers become stronger and the blueness of their eyes increases. Our adventurers defeat the Reapers after very difficult battles. However, as the Reapers disappear, they say one name. This name belongs to i c i himself.

Level 5
After traveling so far down that it appears the path will never end, our adventurers come to a room they can’t make sense of. There are spirits around laughing insanely. The laughter of the spirits is almost deafening. Our adventurers see a skinny creature in the middle of the room. Two spirits are in the creature’s hands. These spirits laugh much louder than others. The creature in the middle of the room senses our adventurers coming and turns towards the door. This creature is none other than i c i The Punisher of Fools. i c i thinks that all living beings are nothing but fools. That is why all living things must keep their souls in i c i’s hands.
He attacks our adventurers with the spirits in his hands. Despite the power of the spirits, our adventurers defeat i c i with the help of Imrelimon. At the end of this encounter, Imrelimon tells i c i that what they both did was wrong. They continue on their way together. But one adventurer sees a strange thing in the room. A half-eaten banana. Why this banana is there, no one knows.

Level 6
Our explorers find the great Library of Fortis. In this library, the whole history of Fortis is written. Our adventurers review the books. All have one thing in common: Neurobender the Master of Souls. All books are written by Neurobender. However, Neurobender wrote in the ancient Fortis language that no one can understand. So the adventurers cannot grasp anything written in the books.

Level 7
On this floor, our adventurers encounter two gigantic and terrifying Neurobender Devotees, made only of bones. They chant in the ancient Fortis language and wield gigantic swords that attack the nervous system of any living thing. Our adventurers cannot deal with these two creatures alone. Fortunately, Imrelimon and i c i are with them and they defeat the two creatures. When the creatures die, the magic on the beasts’ swords passes into the swords of our adventurers.

Level 8
The last floor of the Fortis Dungeon. Where it all begins and ends. Sepulcher of Neurobender. Where Neurobender the Master of Souls has been waiting for our adventurers for centuries. With the power of the souls imprisoned by Imrelimon and i c i, Neurobender has run the Machine of Souls under Sepulcher. With the power it provides, it has kept Fortis Castle upright and strong for centuries. Our adventurers have come all this way to free unjustly imprisoned souls. Neurobender is the final hurdle to complete the mission. With their enchanted weapons, our adventurers attack Neurobender. However, this is not enough. Imrelimon and i c i attack Neurobender, saying that what he did was wrong. It’s time for all souls to go where they belong. Neurobender is unable to withstand the attacks of Imrelimon and i c i and loses control over the spirits. Neurobender acknowledges what he’s done is not right. Our adventurers not only saved souls but also brought Neurobender, Imrelimon, and i c i to rest.




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