Q1 Report & What’s Next

Before anything else, we would like to thank you all; when we started to design this project, we certainly did not expect to draw such intense attention. There were days we went on without time for a proper lunch, but always with good coffee, and we had quite a few sleepless nights when we were almost too tired to lift up an arm. At times like these, it was the hype you created that gave us the energy we needed, perhaps more than the coffee ever could. Although we were able to deliver some quite fast and even before their time, we had to delay some others and thus failed to make them in time. The problems that occurred in the Stable Module, the airdrop contracts, and the Juno Network halting, unfortunately, caused delays in the planned schedule. As we sadly do not possess a time-turner, all we can do is apologize.

After the Junoswap rewards, we will take strong, steady steps at a slower pace. When the Junoswap rewards are distributed our primary focus will be on the improvements in UI/UX. And, as for the dungeon, we were under the impression that enough warnings were made, but perhaps we were supposed to place some more warning signs around. The dungeon is not a module nor a sub-system it is a PvP arena for DeFi experts.

Additionally, we are aware that there is a general misunderstanding regarding the use of bFOT. To summarise all Fortis tokens according to their purposes of use: FOT makes the real meta, bFOT is the meta of the sub-systems, and gFOT is the meta of the modules. For the future, our plan is Junoswap Retroactive rewards — Legionnaire Coins sub-system — Burn to stake sub-system — Unexpected module — Living liquidity pools.

Links: https://linktr.ee/fortisoeconomia



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