The Modules

Fortis Oeconomia
2 min readMar 20, 2022


Modules are experimental financial products designed to show that it is possible to establish a harmless interest setting. In which the users can benefit from daily incentives by staking their gFOTs on Grand Module, and newly-minted sFOTs by the Stable Module to balance the market, provides extra revenue to gFOT stakers.

Within Stable Module, users can mint sFOT (i.e. an USD pegged algorithmic stable coin) by using their gFOTs.

There are two subsections in the Stable Module, which are:

1- Clearance sale section

2- Stable swap pools

In the Clearance Sale subsection, users can buy gFOTs from a price reduced proportionally to sFOTs value in USD in the general market. In the Stable Swap Pool subsection, users can swap between sFOT, UST, and USDC.

The incentive amount distributed daily in the Grand Module is 30000 FOT. This reward is distributed to users every day at UTC 00:00, proportional to their staked gFOTs. Furthermore, sFOTs minted by Stable Module to balance the market, are similarly distributed to users proportional to their staked gFOTs.

In simple terms; you can stake gFOT to earn FOT and sFOT(after Stable Module’s release), you can mint sFOT then use it for arbitrage.




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