Understanding gFOT (Grand Fortis Oeconomia Token)

Debt is the main engine of the corrupted capitalist world of our day, and interest is the fuel to this engine. Even though interest paints a nice picture at first sight, it is essentially a disease that provides profit without producing any value. gFOT is born to show how it is possible for the interest system to fully function by combining value production and the yield system.

So, how does gFOT produce this value?
This value is the burning of other metas of the system to create gFOT, such as FOT and bFOT. Thereby, decrease in the supply adds value to both FOT and bFOT. This added value by reflecting as an incentive to gFOT creates a harmless interest system.

  • gFOT is the staking token of Fortis Oeconomia.
  • gFOT is acquired by burning bFOT.
  • Users can stake their gFOT on the Grand Module to earn staking rewards.
  • Users can stake their gFOT on the sFOT module to earn a portion of the newly minted sFOT.
  • gFOT can be burned for dollar-pegged stable currency (sFOT)
  • Due to the deflationary system of FOT and bFOT, every burn creates a positive feedback loop.

Check out the details of bFOT & sFOT https://fortisoeconomia.medium.com/anatomy-of-fortis-oeconomia-currencies-89b609bb69a4

Links: http://linktr.ee/fortisoeconomia



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