Upcoming changes to Stable Module

To prevent sFOT peg from bFOT price fluctuation, following changes will be added to Stable Module with the upcoming upgrade;
-sFOT minting ratio will have a reducing mechanism when sFOT < 1 USD.
New sFOT minting formula for per gFOT;
(gFOT SMA (7d)) x (sFOT current price) = Minted sFOT.
-Clearance sale considered sFOT price fixed to 1USD.
-sFOT 21-day bonds mechanism will be added. (“Bond” is new feauture seperate from pools, no other unbonding time will be changed on pools.)
-sFOT lending and borrowing will be added.

Links: https://linktr.ee/fortisoeconomia



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